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[Music] [Applause] [Music] that's my goal for 2017 was to get into shape, but I need a way to keep myself accountable and also to track both what I'm eating and how much exercise I'm doing, so I thought that since I already and needles is happy planner hybrid with a bullet journal kind of setup I thought that I might as well add a fitness tab to my setup in the first section or the first part of this fitness section in my happy planner bullet journal hybrid I have a new tracker and this is actually a free printable I'm getting the link to you, and you can find the link for that down in the description below so on this mule tracker after you cut it out and punch holes into it to can fit into your happy planet there is a section where you can write the week of, and you can write down everything you're eating for breakfast lunch snack dinner, and then they also have these water droplets to denote how much water you're drinking and a section where you can check off once you've taken your binding scissors just to kind of keep yourself accountable like how much you are eating today, and then you can fit three weeks on to each of these meal trackers and print out multiple ones for your planning the nice part of my fitting section a snake's weight loss tracker on the left I have the number of pants foggy going from 2.5 to 50 and then on the x-axis is pink I also have these stickers here in the touch which is just a happy printer pocket page and I can just stick these decisions you actually say a reward, and I'm going to get very losing that much weight so for example going to get home you turn your pencil after to place some wash after 7.5 times the new pair she's up at 10 curry after 12.5 and then a plane of society kick after 15 pounds, so this will help me to stay motivated and this little pocket will help keep it in here with the rest of the things and fitness tracker, so I'm going to go ahead and make a photocopy of this one to show you an example of how I would fill this up how I'm going to fill this out as time progresses here you can see that each goal is met, and I would receive one of these rewards that were myself on that sticker sheet I should you soon in my next section I have my fitness tracker, so this pouch is just a little plastic pouch it's kind of like a happy planner pocket page that he was actually meant for a three-ring binder, but I reinforced it with some wash, and then I punched it eating my arc portable punch so that it would pay to the Happy Planet, and I'm using it to keep my work-out thing because I've been printing them out onto the school pages, but I want to take them to the gym so that I can remember which workout thing you can do for that day until this little patch works well for that but if you have workout saying to print out you could also get some downsize the sheet and then punch holes in to it so that it fits directly into your planner obviously this one is too big and in the fitness tracker I have all the...
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